Aaron (sreq) wrote,

Well that was fun...

This week was the start of the Pool-Football season. Its more like pool rugby i guess...combined with soccer. sorta. Anyway, its an amazingly fun game. we had 11 people playing yesterday, 3 more than the minimum needed. Teams were pretty balenced. No one got more than scratched and slightly bruised, though i did inhale enough water to sideline me for a few minutes. And Cody kicked Derek in the head, but they're brothers so its ok. I recieved the nickname "Lobster" because i wouldnt let go of the ball despite being mobbed by three people and almost drowned(not the same drowning as above). All in all, a great time. Today I hurt all over in fun and exciting ways. You may laugh, but its a good hurt.

The hurt that isnt great but also not bad is my leg. I walked into a short protruding steel pipe last night. The grass was long, it was dark, and it was right next to a telephone pole. It did a heavy grazing from my knee cap down to mid calf. It hurt much more than the car accident that i had been in 15 minutes previously.

I wasnt driving, but i was in the passenger side. My friend pulled out of a lot and was hit by a car. It happend really fast. The car was in the blind spot because of a truck with a trailer. It hit just before the back bumper, knocking the bumper off and wrecking the back tire and axle on the driver side. No one had more than seatbelt wounds, though i had a pounding headache that put me to sleep soon after I home.

I wasnt really shocked, or scared, or anything like that afterwords. I just felt this incredible sense of peace, like someone had pointed out "that could have been it for you, you know that right? But it wasnt! Isnt the sky beautiful tonight? Arent you glad that you have the chance to see the fireflies around you? Don't you wish you were with the one you loved right now?" Yes, i very much wished that, but as soon as we got back to his house and i got into my car, i felt very ill at ease, and didnt feel better til i pulled into my drive way. I was good on my way into work this morning though, so i think ill be ok.

I did want to go see Erin. But i knew that if i did, she would be up all night and I didnt want her to worry about me, cause she's going on a car trip to arizona today. Car rides are the last thing she needs to worry about. Though i will tell her today, as soon as she calls here.

The accident really moved all my priorities for me. I did realize how much time i was wasting doing useless stuff. There is a lot more that i could be doing, and enjoying it just as much. Just not today, because i still hurt from football :) I also realized that i can do alot more for other people, not just myself.

Also, halfway through harry potter 1. not sure if ill finish all of them in time. Doesnt really matter i guess, Kelsey gets to read the book first. so that will give me an extra 8 hours or so.
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