Aaron (sreq) wrote,


(setup: Chris is my friend from work. He is a starwars addict. He knows when starwars toys are coming out, and will buy them as the store opens. He has every starwars book, and game.)

So i go up to chris and say "Chris! I need to borrow your stormtrooper uniform!"

"I dont have one" says chris. "I didnt want to have to pay the $750 for it. Why do you need a stormtrooper outfit?"

"you dont have one? thats great. Now what am i supposed to wear to the midnight showing of Harry Potter?"

So my amazing plan was foiled.

Anyway, when HP6 comes out in theatres, a group of us (you're invited too!) are going to go dressed from our favorite epic movies. Pirates, hobbits, jedi, and similar. They dont make those movies anymore, so we need to dress up for something!
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