Aaron (sreq) wrote,

ten am, and it already is messed up.

Today, i got up at 8:30 for work at 9. However, at 850, my car wouldnt start. Im pretty sure that i left the overhead light on last night. After getting help from a friendly neighbor whom i had never met, and dont know where he lives, I was on my way to work at 9:40. At 9:45 I ran into work, signed in, and then spent 10 minutes looking for a scanner. Upon finding one, I went to the back room, and was greeted with ''are you sure you´re supposed to be here? we already have someone for this shift.'' Going back to the time clock, I check the schedule, and im not due in til thursday. so. sign out, head to car, get home. Now, 5 hours of homework that i didnt get done yesterday because i was ill with flu symptoms. Who gets a flu in September? I should have stayed at Erin´s house. Things have been going down hill since i came back.
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